Labiaplasty – Cosmetic Surgery to Reshape the Labia

Labiaplasty: A Professional Service for A Genuinely Intimate Problem

Labiaplasty young or old

Labiaplasty for young and older women

We provide support and care to women who are concerned about the shape or size of the labia (inner lips of the vulva). Problems related to the labia, the vagina and vulva present with different symptoms.

You may find that you have one or more of the symptoms listed below.

  • Distorted, unequal labia minora.
  • Very large labia *
  • Painful sexual intercourse from large labia *
  • Restricted activities including sports activities as a result of large labia.
  • Scarred labia from childbirth events including labial tears that were poorly repaired or healed badly.
  • In some cases, labial problems are associated with poor self image, leading to lack of confidence in oneself. This may lead to poor relationships and unhappiness. *
  • Yet in other cases, problems with labia are part of a larger problem in the vulva and vagina. Some childbirth injuries extend to poor pelvic floor functions, with vaginal prolapsed, poor urinary control leading to urinary incontinence, and poor sexual function.

* See video below as an example

labiaplasty happy coupleWhatever symptoms you have we will take time to discuss with you whether surgery is the correct option and how this will be provided.

When there is associated vaginal prolapsed or weakness of the vaginal opening, vaginal repair or vaginal tightening will be discussed.

Following childbirth and even when no episiotomy (a surgical cut to enlarge the vaginal outlet during childbirth) was performed, the vaginal opening (introitus) can become loose or baggy and make intercourse unenjoyable or very different to how things used to be. This situation might lead to marital unhappiness. An expert examination will identify hidden, occult damage that can be rectified.

“Yes, I want labia surgery…”

If labiaplasty surgery is what you need… then

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  2. Book an appointment.
  3. No obligation consultation.
  4. If you decide to proceed, you choose when this suits you.

What are the costs for labial surgery?

 Labiaplasty  £4,000
 Clitoral Hood Reduction  £900
 Vaginoplasty  £5,500
 Perineoplasty  £3,600
 Hymenoplasty  £3,600
 Laser Resurfacing  £1,600

 Please be aware that costs can be tailored to your personal situation.

Warning: The following video on labiaplasty contains nudity in an explicit medical context.

Credit: Video from Embarrassing Bodies (copyright Channel 4)